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VGA / USB / Audio Boîtier de Commande



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The KA7240 Console Module offers secure access to the servers in a Matrix KVM Switch (KM0932/KM0532) from a PS/2 or USB console (monitor, keyboard, and mouse) up to 300 meters away. It provides an extra computer port for integration with a computer workstation, enabling users to seamlessly switch between the local computer and the servers in the Matrix KVM Switch. The KA7240 also features an intuitive graphical user interface, the Graphical OSD, with easy-to-use menus and icons that enable easy access and efficient management. KA7240 has a built-in RS-232 port. Administrators can establish a serial terminal login to the Console Module in order to control the KVM port access for all consoles connected to switch – any console can be assigned to access any KVM port from a single interface point. In addition, an automatic skew compensation function corrects color phase and timing errors that occur over long distance transmissions.


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VGA / USB / Audio Boîtier de Commande

VGA / USB / Audio Boîtier de Commande

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