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Radio CB 40-Channel



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This Cobra CB station offers full functionality in a compact design. The station offers you 40 channels with an instant channel to switch directly to channel 9 (emergency) or 19 (information). The heavy duty microphone has dynamic voice response and a 2.5 m cord. Easily switch between AM and FM and select your channel with the channel selector. The station is furthermore equipped with a combo S/RF meter, TX indicator, RF gain control and squelch control.• AM/FM band. • Multi-standard programmable for multi-country usage. • Illuminated LCD display. • RF Gain, adjusts receiver sensitivity to match incoming signal. • Electronic tuning, precisely tunes all CB channels. • Instant Channel 9/19, instant access from any channel to Emergency Channel 9 and Information Channel 19 • Combination S/RF meter, indicates incoming signal strength and RF power output. • 4Pin Screw-On Mic Connector, convenient removal of mic for storage and easy reach from anywhere inside the vehicle. • Heavy-Duty Dynamic Microphone. • Contoured microphone with dynamic voice response circuitry with 2.74 meter cord• Channels:40 • Frequency range:26.695 – 27.40 MHz • Output power:4 W FM/1 W AM • Microphone:4Pin screw on dynamic • Dimensions:44.5x114x178 mm • Weight:0.53 kg


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Radio CB 40-Channel

Radio CB 40-Channel

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